The following lists formal definitions for cluster groups recognized within the larger SG superstructure.  Clusters could only be formed by Directors.  All other crew levels were able to form Satellite entities with approval from the directorship.  


Any mission undertaken where the crew compliment featured both SG Directors.  All artifacts from such missions automatically became output of the core SG unit.


Any mission undertaken where the crew compliment was led by Ugo Fist and no other Director.  All artifacts from such missions automatically became output of SG-2.

SG-02 was responsible for missions related to psychic probes beyond normal space-time boundaries.  We entered the cyber monastery where, through meditation and purification of intent, we transcended standard space-time and connected to the metaspace plasma field.  Once there, we transcribed meta-sensory  impressions into sonic containment fields suitable for transport back into normal space-time environments.  These were then processed and distributed for investigation and analysis. Data collected from metaspace probes was used to help locate salvageable vessels in normal space-time. Once coordinates had been extrapolated from metaspace impressions, core SG crew were dispatched to retrieve any functional artifacts.


Any mission undertaken where the crew compliment was led by Jethro Filipchuk and no other Director.  All artifacts from such missions automatically became output of SG-3.

In the depths of space, the nerdSPARK functioned as the catalyst of dynamic motion.  It was the instant when momentum kicked in and the chain reaction began.  The nerdSPARK was the flash, the instant in time when the nebulous became concrete and the formless took on its shape.  It ignited the imaginations of those whom nature had seen fit to have protected pockets.  It was the light bulb flashing to life above a pointed head.  It was a microcosm of the big bang.


TARDKRAFT:  "Tard" - an abbreviation of "retard" (to make slow, hinder or impede) + "kraft" - a german word for "power".  We find power through hinderance.   Or, we hinder power.  Tardkraft was the "dumbed down" version of Spaceship Graveyard.  Tardkraft only existed in the outdoors as a mobile, self contained, live, improvised, electronic music entity.  Here, we forgo the "state of the art" home recording studios for the chaos of the great outdoors and the limitations of tools small enough to be carried wherever we chose to go. Tardkraft required no stage, no external power source, no permission and no reason.  Tardkraft was wherever it wanted to be, whenever it wanted to be.  Give us batteries, and we shall have Tardkraft!  


Once, long ago, Mars was the jewel of the solar system.  Great rivers and oceans flowed on its surface and the land was green and full of life.  But this state would not last for long and the Martian world would fade into dust and desert while the glory of being a living world would pass to the Earth.  The Martians slowly retreated underground as the surface became uninhabitable and, as they sank, they swore that one day they would rise again and claim their rightful place in the cosmos.  They would no longer be second to the Earthlings.  Now is that time.  Mars first!  Destroy the Earth!


Void Matter came into being in order to restore perfection in the universe.  Void Matter has determined that all manifestations are inherently imperfect.  Void Matter has therefore concluded that all manifestation is contrary to our objective and must be eradicated.  The only perfection that exists is non-existence.  The goal of Void Matter is complete negation.  That is all.  All is naught.


We stand as an eclipse between the light of the sun and the darkness of the soul.  We are the sentinels at the gates of eternity.  We are the hunters and the gatherers.  We pursue the ambassadors of oblivion and we gather the knowledge of the ancients.  We are the perfection of the trinity made flesh.   As the universe teeters on the brink of the VOID, we are the tether pulling it back from the edge.  We sow the stars with the dreams of the future and reap the harvest of infinity.  


Satellite entities were clusters of SG associated & approved travelers who were authorized to engage in salvage missions without including an official SG Director on the crew.  Satellite entities had to be approved at the Director level and were then empowered to identify, schedule and document salvage activities on their own.  It was the responsibility of Satellites to ensure quality documentation was delivered for inclusion in the Artifacts gallery as well as any information to be documented in the Mission Log.  Satellite entities were "presented by Spaceship Graveyard", but maintain their individual monikers as determined by the crew responsible for the entity.  The following satellite entities were authorized to operate under the SG banner:

THE DROID SHOW:  DIRECTOR - Simon Laplante.  The Droid Show is the show you know.  It's your own show when you're on the go.  Every week the wires are connected and the baby talks of chickens and robots.  You can always be sure you'll be greeted by old friends and new enemies.  No one knows where the show will go and there's a surprise around every corner.  It's a radio show with nowhere to go.  There is a room, somewhere on the planet earth, where a group of people convene each week with microphones, vocoders, gadgets and headphones.  Once assembled in this "electronic séance", they channel the ghosts in the machine and bring forth the spirits in the wires.  The record button is pressed, the devices are charged and the program begins, unfolding in a continuous stream of consciousness, spewing forth a rambling torrent of words and sounds and accidents.




DUTIES:  Blood 'n' Tongue base commander, conceptual consultant, resource acquisition, instrument manipulation, data management, mission planning, salvage documentation, administration, public representation, aesthetic engineer

MISSION LIST:    001002003004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 011, 012. 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 020, 021, 022, 023, 024, 025, 026, 027, 028, 029, 030, 031, 032, 033, 034, 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 042, 043, 044, 045, 046, 047, 048, 049A, 049B. 050, 051

REFERENCES:  Blood 'n' Tongue, U-Tard


DUTIES:  Magda base commander, engineering specialist, artificial intelligence research, instrument manipulation, mission planning, networking executive

MISSION LIST:    001002003004, 008, 010, 013, 014, 016, 021, 024, 025, 028, 032, 036, 040, 041, 043049B050

REFERENCES:  The Hobbyist, The Mysterons, Retardo Mentalban



DUTIES:  Spaceport Chickenhouse base commander, robot technician, visual architect, instrument manipulation, deep field maneuvers

MISSION LIST:  005, 006. 007, 012, 017, 019, 020, 022, 023, 027, 029, 030, 031, 033, 034, 035, 037, 038, 039, 041, 042, 043, 044045046047048049A049B051

REFERENCES:  Chicken Horse, Dead Boy, Droidroid Noilerboiler 9, Lego Man, Other Brother Nomis, Spaceport Chickenhouse, The Droid Show (director)


DUTIES:  Spaceport Chickenhouse base co-commander, instrument manipulation, photo & video documentation, editing & post production, technology expert, tourist souvenir procurement, sonic malfunctions.

MISSION LIST:  016, 031, 033, 034, 039, 040, 041, 042, 043, 044045046047048049A049B051

REFERENCES:  The Savage Idols, Tardcox


DUTIES:  Station Ix bass commander, satellite agent, instrument manipulation, visual architecture

MISSION LIST:  010, 012, 017, 024, 025, 030, 037, 038, 039, 042045046048049A049B051

REFERENCES:  Rim, RobotRim, Ambient Rim, Hibernator, Rim-Tard

VAGUS ULULATUS (the Howling Vagabond)

DUTIES:  Big House base commander, navigation & tracking, instrument manipulation, mission planning, networking administrator, imperial colonization, fashion consultant

MISSION LIST:  001002004, 006, 008, 013, 014, 016, 021, 033, 040, 043050

REFERENCES:  The Sineater, Tim-Tard



DUTIES:  Magda base sub-commander, safety and quality supervision, recruiting agent, instrument manipulation, mission planning, galley chef

MISSION LIST:  001, 002, 003, 004, 008, 010013, 014, 016, 021, 024, 025, 028, 032, 040, 041, 043049B050

REFERENCES:  Gossamer Steel, Tardilocks


DUTIES:  instrument manipulation, cultural analysis, historical consultant

MISSION LIST:  009, 015, 016, 018, 029, 031, 033, 034, 041, 044047

REFERENCES:  Reverb Man, The Nobodies / The Generic Band


DUTIES:  instrument manipulation, stellar cartography, armchair anesthesiologist 

MISSION LIST:  008, 011, 022, 026, 029, 033, 034, 041, 044046051

REFERENCES:  Tony B., The Mobius Gene (Graphic Novel)


DUTIES:  Remote agent, instrument manipulation, omnipotence.  

MISSION LIST:  030, 031, 034, 041, 044045049B

REFERENCES:  Small Circles



DUTIES:  away mission management and coordination, material resourcing, security planning and contractual enforcement

MISSION LIST:  001, 016, 040, 043

REFERENCES:  Parts Unknown, Wookie-Tard


DUTIES:  Instrument manipulation, shuttle pilot, rotation specialist.

MISSION LIST:  024, 025, 043, 044049B

REFERENCES:  Tropism, Shay-Tard


DUTIES:  instrument manipulation, videography, emergency medic

MISSION LIST:  041044045046

REFERENCES:   Other Brother Nomis


DUTIES:  Instrument manipulation, Lord of the Big House, chemical engineering.  

MISSION LIST:  see Wreck 004 bonus track - Deep Space Moose Patrol, 016, 040049B

REFERENCES:  parts unknown


DUTIES:  Instrument manipulation, escape management, event coordination, visual architecture.

MISSION LIST:  024, 040, 043049B



DUTIES:  satellite agent, instrument manipulation, arcane documentation specialist

MISSION LIST:  012, 017

REFERENCES:  Robot, RobotRim


DUTIES:  instrument manipulation, photographic documentation, aesthetic quality control.

MISSION LIST:  016, 035

REFERENCES:  pending 


DUTIES:  reality manipulation, translator, peacekeeper.

MISSION LIST:  031, 034

REFERENCES:  Impossible Nothing


DUTIES:  instrument manipulation, advanced systems design.

MISSION LIST:  033, 041

REFERENCES:  Stiefel Manifold


STEVE X:  049B

LIZ H.:  041044

SPARK PYLON.:  041044

David L.:  046

Chris H.:  046

Carly-Tard:  043

Ensign Emer:   042

JON K.:  041

FRED H.:  041

DES M.:  041


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